Shred 10

June 19th 2017

Today I begin my second round of the Shred10 programme. I’m so excited to shed my body from the toxins I ate and drank over the weekend. Last time round, I lost 5.3kgs, I dropped a dress size and drastically improved my sleeping pattern which has alway been out of sync. This time I’m going to be harder on myself and set my goals higher because I know what I can achieve from being mediocre. For me personally it isn’t about the weight loss, I just want to be confident and comfortable in my own skin.

So over the next 10 days Im going to be:

  • Increasing my daily wholefood intake
  • Continuing my daily fruit, veg and berry capsules
  • Increasing my daily exercise to 1hr
  • Eliminating dairy and gluten
  • Drinking 3L of water everyday
  • Having 2 complete shakes daily



Author: healthbeautyproject

I'm on a huge mission this year. I'm currently 22 and living in New Zealand. I'm focusing on changing my health and helping other do the same!

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